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Who are we?

Holy Bowly is now, we'd like to say, a small family here in Fort Lauderdale that was founded by two upstate New Yorkers in early 2023. nick and I, gianpaolo, grew up and attended high school together. little did we expect to find ourselves in a business together a few years after graduating. yes, we did start this company, but it wouldn't be running the way it is without the amazing team and family that has been built around it. We are very grateful for what has come so far, and are excited to keep providing high quality meals, hospitality, and enjoyment, from our family to yours. 


Our mission is to instill a great sense of comfort to our guests, whilst having it be curated by a joyful team of like minded individuals. Aka, here at Holy Bowly we simply take great pride in our relationships built amongst our team, as that truly has been the core factor behind our growth.


Our vision is to, yes, keep serving scratch - made, high quality, cooked to order meals. But mainly, coming from a positive team, consistently leaving the kitchen day in and day out, fulfilled by excellent service.

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