About Us

What is Holy Bowly?

Holy Bowly is a family of a few, like minded New Yorkers who love making others smile by a combination of hospitality and quality of food. Our goal is to have guests step out with a smile, or having left with a good taste in their mouths, no pun intended lol. Joy and kindness feeds the soul, then our food tails closely in second place.

Why Holy Bowly?

You may be asking, "What sets their food apart from the rest? Why should we go there?" Which is a very valid question. Here at Holy Bowly, we set the quality control bar as high as possible. That includes using only black label organic chicken, fresh caught locally sourced fish with minimal freezing, extra virgin & vegetable oil blends for dressings and cooking, etc. But a big difference between us and others is that we cook every single meal to order. No pre cooked meats, no pre breaded and frozen chicken..., nada. Dressings, pesto, and sauces are all made daily to guarantee freshness. Here's the thing, nowadays the market is so saturated, that doing what feels like is a no brainer, sadly isn't anymore. Our main difference is freshness, compared to using preservatives, lengthily frozen meats, using and thawing pre-breaded chicken, store bought dressings, the list can go on.

How did Holy Bowly start?

Believe it or not, Holy Bowly in Fort Lauderdale started from a scam. Yep, it was never started with good intentions like the original in Rochester, NY, but the good intentions were re-started soon after opening up doors on Davie Blvd, fighting to turn a negative into a positive. Both Nick and I, Gianpaolo, were projected this awesome business investment opportunity, so being young and naive, we took it. After having dumped all of our savings into a business account, and having it stolen, we were left with no capital, 2 eviction notices (on our apartment and our shop), months behind on rent, a list of people we owed, a huge to-do list, etc. Strange way to start an entrepreneurial path, but after some time went by to re adjust and formulate a game plan, we haven't looked back since! In no way are we looking for sympathy, by the way. Just want to speak a crazy story into existence :)